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The hand of the philosophers

Jean le Noir, Psautier de Bonne de Luxembourg (c.1348-1349, New York, The Cloisters, Inv. 69. 86.), Dit des trois morts et des trois vifs, folio 322r.

Jean le Noir was a French manuscript illuminator active in Paris between 1335 and 1380. He was a pupil of Jean Pucelle.[1] His main work is thePsalter of Bonne de Luxembourg (c. 1348-1349, New York, The Cloisters, Inv. 69. 86.)
Jean le Noir’s daughter Bourgot assisted with much of his work.[2]
In 1331 he was in service to Yolande of Flanders, Duchess of Bar, and later to the King. As reward for their services, Jean and Bourgot were given a house in Paris in 1358 by the King’s son, the future Charles V, for whom they also worked after he ascended the throne in 1364. During the early 1370s Jean and Bourgot worked at Bourges for the Duke of Berry, who also held them in high esteem.

Organics by H.R. Giger

The galaxy NGC 6300 
The barred spiral galaxy NGC 6300 in the constellation of Ara.
Credit: ESO